The upkeep of your nails is as important as picking a killer outfit to go out in. You need to take, stiletto nails clipart, pride in your appearance, and what better way to do so than by transforming your nails into super chic stilettos. They look fierce, featuring a tapered shape with pointed ends. Not to mention, they’re on-trend. However, if this is all new to you, then don’t worry. We’re here to guide you through everything to do with stiletto nails, including the best designs and colors to choose, as well as their price point.

What are Stiletto Nails?

Stiletto nails are a form of manicure, with the addition of false nails on the tips. They resemble a shape of the stiletto, carefully cut on the sides and filed into a point so that the tips are the shape of a triangle, leaving the ends pointed. These nails are generally long and stiletto nails clipart тв look fabulous once painted.

Almond vs. Stiletto Nails

Almond nails are usually shorter and more rounded than stiletto nails, both at the sides and the tip. Also, almond nails are generally a little more practical than stiletto nails, which are super glam. The name Almond refers to the look of these nails, while stilettos have a sharper appearance and resemble long and pointy stiletto heels. Both styles are really cute, so you can’t go wrong with getting either, after all, they are similar in style.

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How Much do Stiletto Nails Cost?

Stiletto nails don’t cost more than any other shape, though the price can depend on a few factors such as where you get them done and where you live or stiletto nails clipart. Not to mention, you also have to take into consideration whether you want SNS, shellac, acrylic or gel nails, as that will also indicate the price. However, nails generally cost anywhere between $40 to $85. Yes, they’re another expense to add to your beauty regimen but remember, they look totally cute and generally last at least two weeks.

Stiletto Nail Designs

Nude Stiletto Nails

Nude stiletto nails are really cute. If you’re more of a girly girl than this is the style for you. Not to mention, nude nails will go with just about any outfit, which makes them an easy choice. You can either get them in matte or high shine, and the colors can range anywhere from almost clear to a deep nude. Sure, nude may sound plain or maybe even a little boring but you’ve honestly got so many options with this color that all look amazing.

Red Stiletto Nails

Red stiletto nails are made for a vibrant girl – stiletto nails clipart. You know whether you can pull red off or not, and if you can, then this is your color. Red is a strong color, and especially with the stiletto shape, your nails are bound to get noticed. You’ll have people grabbing your hands to take a closer look and complimenting you left, right and center.

Matte Stiletto Nails

Matte stiletto nails look absolutely killer. There’s something about a matte nail that instantly makes you ten times more fierce. Not to mention that over the past few years matte has become very popular. Yes, you still have many people who are still too afraid to try it but if you think you can, then go for it.

Ombre Stiletto Nails

Ombre nails have recently become a popular design, and there’s no question as to why. These nails look cool and can be done using almost any two colors. Though the most popular does seem to be nude and white or pink and purple. When creating these nails, simply pick your two favorite colors in a similar tone. It could be fluorescent, pastel or anything else, then get your nail technician to perfect the ombre design.

Stiletto Acrylic Nails

Acrylic is a type of way in which you can get your nails done. With acrylic nails, a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer are applied to the nails. This creates a hard protective layer over the natural and added false nail, holding the two together. The two products harden when exposed to air and are transparent. With acrylic nails, you have to add stiletto nails clipart a nail polish or shellac over the top afterward if you want them to be colored. Otherwise, you can always just decorate them using nail art.

Short Stiletto Nails

If you’re wanting the stiletto shape but need your nails to be more practical, short stiletto nails will be your best friend. Having them short means you’re able to do a lot more with them, carrying on with your routine without having to re-train yourself how to do simple things with your new claws.

Black Stiletto Nails

Black stiletto nails look fierce. These nails will suit you so well if you’re either covered in tattoos or happen to be a little emo. These are just another statement piece to add to your personality, showing who you are inside, on the outside. Also, don’t be afraid to add a little nail art or glitter to them to spice them up.

Gold Stiletto Nails

Gold stiletto nails, much like silver nails, are great for all those formal occasions. They tend to go nicely with formal, party and wedding dresses, adding that extra spark of elegance to your look. You can either opt for a sparkly nail or matte gold stiletto nails clipart, depending on the occasion and what’s better suited.

Christmas Stiletto Nails

There is nothing more fun than getting into the Christmas spirit by dressing your nails for the occasion. Oh, and there are so many different styles to play around with when it comes to Christmas. Think red, green, gold, silver and blue. You can mix the colors or go crazy with nail art. Either way, they’re bound to look festive.

Summer Stiletto Nails

When it comes to summer stiletto nails, think of bright colors such as yellow and orange. Otherwise, think about your favorite time for a summer day. Perhaps this is sunrise or sunset when there are two or three colors in the sky. It always looks incredible if you re-create that on your nails. Mix your favorite summer colors for an ombre nail design.